Sample Solutions

Here are some examples of web sites built by Clermont Software. They range from sites designed for recording employee data on Blackberries and iPhones to non-profit web sites to online stores

USHA Scoring Application

The US Hydrofoil Association needed a way for riders to score their competitive trick runs to prepare for competitions or just gauge personal progress. The USHA Scoring Application allows users to select each trick, based on their division. The application then scores the best 10 tricks and displays the results in a grid. Completed trick runs can be saved to html for emailing, or xml for use in a spreadsheet.

Knight Janitorial

Knight Janitorial uses a application to record site inspections. Employees use their Blackberries or iPhones to enter the data at customer locations. The data is stored in an MS Access database for offline processing. Employees can also record their hours online, and later view their last four weeks of approved or rejected hours. Because this application contains sensitive customer data requiring a secure login, only a screenshot is available.

Customers update own information, or internal staff can

A company needed a way to track their customers, but also wanted a way for their customers to update their own information and purchase additional services. This screenshot shows some of the information available to staff, with collapsible panels used to maximize screen space. Because this application contains sensitive customer data requiring a secure login, only a screenshot is avaialable.

Southeast Hydrofoil Club

The Southeast Hydrofoil Club needed a web site that allowed tournament participants to register and pay in advance, buy t-shirts, and review scores after each tournament. They also wanted a slide show, and a form to allow participants to enter their personal profile. The result is a complete web site and a companion online Zen Cart store.

Desktop integration with, and its sister sites, and, aid organizations in their fundraising efforts by selling newspaper subscriptions in a convenient, simple to use format. The web sites use a common database that contains both the unique information about each organization, and the order information from each sale. A separate Microsoft Access application exports the orders to encrypted Excel spreadsheets to be delivered to each newspaper vendor via email or ftp.

You can buy what you need for your day on the water at This is a Zen Cart based ecommerce site, with custom programming to meet the customer's needs.

We host many of the sites we build. We recommend our sister company for your hosting needs. Or, email

Sunshine Pencils

Sunshine Pencils is a great fundraiser for Elementary Schools in Central Florida. Schools earn 50% of the profits by allowing their students to buy fun and colorful pencils, and Sunshine Pencils does all the work.

Geno Yauchler, the world's number one hydrofoiler, wanted an inexpensive web site to promote his new ski show business. He needed a basic web site, but with a customized quote form, a video, and photo gallery. He now has what he needs. Visit

Want to run your own part time business, perfect for stay-at-home moms with kids in school? is a Zen Cart based ecommerce site, with all the advice and supplies you need. One of the partners has been making good money at this for 18 years now. You can too. Clermont Software Services, Inc. created the site, and is active in the managing and promotion of the business.

Guide to Natural Food Restaurants in the US and Canada.

The book Guide to Natural Food Restaurants in the US and Canada contains information on over 2,000 restaurants. Brad developed a Microsoft Access application to maintain the information in a Microsoft SQL Server database. The data can then be exported to both a Microsoft Word document used for printing the book, and an online database where users can search for restaurants by State and City. Online users have the option of clicking a link to view a map with the location of the restaurant. Go to to view the application.

Gets it Done

I came to Brad with an idea for a new business. We discussed how it would work, and Brad ran with it. A few weeks later, the web site was up and running exactly as I wanted. -- David Dickson,