How to Choose a Software Service Provider

  • Communication: Does the provider listen to your needs and provide everything you want, and only what you want, without charging you for extras you don't need? Do they provide realistic schedules, meet deadlines, create prototypes for you to view, and provide progress reports?
  • Security: Does the provider keep your information and your customers' information secure, and do they take the preventative steps to avoid attacks and data loss?
  • User experience: Does the provider offer a great user experience, making the user process intuitive?
  • Flexibility: Does the provider plan ahead for changes and anticipate your future needs? Does the provider separate the presentation layer from the business rules and have a separate database layer, therefore making changes and enhancements straightforward?
  • Maintainability: Does the provider's software record errors, and where appropriate, user actions to be able to solve any problems quickly, and ideally preemptively?
  • Education: Does the staff have a formal education in software engineering and object-oriented design?
  • Reusability: Does the provider have existing libraries of software so you only pay for what is unique to you?
  • Experience: Has the provider done similar work to what you are seeking? Or will they be learning as they go?
  • Business Awareness: Does your provider understand your business, including marketing, customer needs, fulfillment, and customer service? Does the provider think like a business partner?

Clermont Software Services provides all of the above. Be sure anyone you choose can meet all these needs.

Gets it Done

I came to Brad with an idea for a new business. We discussed how it would work, and Brad ran with it. A few weeks later, the web site was up and running exactly as I wanted. -- David Dickson,