Sample MS Access Forms and Reports

This is an example form that is used for maintaining restaurant information. The data is entered into this form, then used to generate reports, mailing labels, a published book, a detailed local guide, and an online searchable restaurant guide.

The "Quick Filter" allows filtering all restaurants to a smaller set based on the most common fields used for searching, allowing the user to find what they want quickly. The more complete Filter form allows searching on any field, giving total control.

The "Pick List" displays all records found by the Quick filter or any filter. It allows users to single click on any entry and move the main restaurant form to the selected record. It is much easier to find the record you want versus drop-down list boxes, and it is easy to move from record to record.

This is an example report, filtered to only show active entries within a specific zip code range.

This image shows sample bar, stacked bar, and pie graphs. The graphs can be customized to include multiple data sets, custom labels, and custom colors.

Users Loved It

Brad set up a desktop database on riders, including photos, video, and a list of tournaments won. We then exported this for the web site. Very easy to use, and it definitely increased our web traffic. -- John Clemmons, Pro Hydrofoil Tour